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The limits were what killed my pig when playing MM7
07/04/2016, 13:45:21

    Peter2 writes:

    I really really disliked it that my party could not simultaneously gain access to Light and Dark magic. In abstract, I can well appreciate what a good game MM7 is, and I think the initial battle for a Light Path party to invade the Pit is one of the finest battles in the whole Might and Magic series. But I just don't enjoy the game. I've played it to a finish precisely once, although I also took a Dark Path party far enough to complete the quests unique to the Dark Path. But that's as far as I got.

    Besides, once I'd prepared my black potions, my Druid turned out to be a total waste of space and a waste of all the experience and effort I'd put into promoting him. Once the party got reasonably advanced, he wasn't anywhere near good enough to merit his place in the party. He needed to be able to GM some combat skill or healing skill. (The Ranger in MM9 suffers from a similar problem).

    I remember when I was playing MM3, I always used to include a Ranger (the half and half Druid/Fighter character) in my party, because in that game, the "Walk on Water" spell was a Druid spell, and there were some areas of the map that were very difficult to reach without it.

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