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Any slot?
06/06/2016, 21:21:41

    Hobbun writes:

    So if you try to save on a different slot, it won't work?

    I had a bit of weird issue earlier on when saving. What I usually do is I will have two save files. One I save outdoors (slot 1), the other inside a dungeon (slot 2).

    Well I had saved in town (New Sorpigal) and then saved inside Goblinwatch a short while later. When I went back to New Sorpigal and tried to save, it would save, but the new save didn't take. It still registered the 'old' save in New Sorpigal, before I went to Goblinwatch.

    I eventually had to go into my save file, delete slot one save. And when saving now on slot 1, it works fine and overwrites the previous save.

    Very odd.

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