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Recovery time values fixed by Grayface 2.0 MM6 patch....
06/03/2016, 02:01:23

    ragwort writes:

    Wish I knew how to columnate below when viewed after posted. Looked great when written.
    Right click attack or shoot bonus field to see recovery time
    Unarmed 100
    Speed (12= +1, 50= -9) (Range +4/-30)
    Shield +10/+5/+0 Novice/Expert/Master
    Leather +10/+5/+0 Novice/Expert/Master
    Chain +20/+10/+0 Novice/Expert/Master
    Plate +30/+15/+0 Novice/Expert/Master
    Axe 0
    Bow 0
    Staff 0
    Sword -10
    Mace -20
    Spear -20
    Dagger -40
    Blaster -70
    "of Swiftness" -25 Included w/ "of Darkness"
    Haste Spell -25
    30 minumum Sum Above
    "of Recovery" Sum/(1 + %/100) default %=10. Can be changed.

    Game won't allow "of Swiftness" to be enchanted. Only available w/ 2 Artifacts. Can get w/ "of Darkness".

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