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Returning to Might and Magic
06/02/2016, 11:43:49

    Hobbun writes:

    Hi all, Iím another returner to Might and Magic! I actually am going through HoMM3 right now, but also debating on starting up MM6, as well. One of my all time favorite RPGs.

    But itís been so long since Iíve been here, I am not sure what would be the best patches for the game. I know I am going to need to download it from GOG most likely, as I have Windows 7 now. My HoMM3 Complete disc did Ďnotí work after I installed, but the $10 version I bought through GOG works beautifully. And also downloaded the HD Mod+ patch, as well as HotA mod.

    But as for MM6, after I repurchase on GOG, what do I need to download patch-wise to make the experience run better and enjoyable. I have heard of a Mokís patch or Grayfaceís patch, but not sure what is current or what I should download. I figured coming here I would be pointed in the right direction.

    Good to be here again!

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