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Long-Story(be warned)=P Nostalgia; after 15 years.
06/02/2016, 05:12:59

    Blue writes:

    haha, here i am trying to think of a subtle opening, but i can't seem to settle with one. So i guess i shall start off this way then.

    First of all, hi to everyone at =)
    Its really wonderful to see this place ongoing after so many years. Recently i've been searching for m&m series on steam, and kinda took the little path down the side back into memory lane.

    Remembering the days back in 2001-2002, when i was still back in my secondary(middle/high) school; I used to frequent the school library after classes, pick a corner computer, hide myself well(haha) and spend time here at, in all mm6/7/8 taverns.

    I usually chat around, ask+reply questions. Sometimes, i'll write pages of oddities/lores found in m&m worlds, eg the mm7 harmondale castle etc.

    Days pass, time goes on, so does life. But hey~! here i am again, though its 15 years later. one of the few things i did was to 'find' and set a parameter of 6000 days ago, for my long-forgotten-name+ posts, but sadly, they only go back to 2002 dec..haha..its a lil 1 year+ short but...oh well =/

    But i still do see some familiar names here, bones, klaravoyia, haha I know i know, one sided affairs of me remembering you guys but since i wasn't here all these years & you guys don't know who i am lol. Im sure theres some old timers around too but ha, guess memories ain't doing so well now XD

    Nice to see again. Thanks to the owners/admin, or community, for keeping this tavern alive all these years.

    I will still check back often when i need tips or so =P
    (btw im more of a mm6/7/8 old nwc/jvc/3do fan, m&m series from mm9+ubisoft onwards isn't so much of my style anymore, just my interests & opinions)

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