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Try Linux!
05/14/2016, 06:28:50

    Sudo writes:

    If you are not playing new AAA games, and mostly good old games like MM6, then I'd recommend Linux.
    Just get the Ubuntu iso, put it on a USB drive with the software from, and see if it works on your computer. If it seems to work good enough (might lack your wifi drivers in the live version), you can install it on a new EXT4 partition on your drive.
    Or perhaps just try Puppy Linux, as it's made to be used from an usb drive or SD card.
    Though you probably have to change your boot options in bios, to make usb-drive your first option.

    Anyways, once you've got Wine, you can play all the MM games right away, though you have to make sure you aren't running any of the games in windowed mode, then Wine throws an irrelevant error, which doesn't even tell you about the problem.
    And for the best results, launch the game from a terminal opened in the game directory with "wine MM6.exe".

    Anyways, Wine is great for playing old games, much better than Windows in my experience.

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