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Totally agree
02/26/2016, 17:52:45

    Peter2 writes:

    I so enjoy dancing round corners in New Sorpigal and Goblinwatch and clobbering the monsters chasing me, using "shoot 'n' scoot" to pick off the priests, spiders, and skeletons in the Temple of Baa, and all the while frantically accumulating horseshoes to get one of my sorcerers to master in Water . . .

    But as you say, once you get to level about 50, my standard ACSS party gets very good at monster disposal, and by the time I get to level 70 and Castle Darkmoor, I can go through it like a dose of salts.

    There is one thing, though. I've noticed that nowadays I get no benefit from one of the sets of dinosaur bones embedded in the wall at the end of Snergle's Cavern. Did you ever find that?

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