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I highly recommend Sergey's "GrayFace MM6 Patch v2.0". One of the nicest features…
02/04/2016, 02:29:40

    ragwort writes:

    allows single keystroke quicksave(s) and quickreload of quicksave sav file (I set F1=quickload and F2=quicksave). Really nice if you like to reload often to get a particular item or Mephisto a monster. I also use "Dataram RAMDISK" to play in memory and eliminate hard drive hits during gameplay. Free version allows up to 1GB ramdisk which will support 2 MM6 games each with 40 sav files. Just save ramdisk file periodically to harddrive. Google "GrayFace MM6 Patch v2.0" and "Dataram RAMDISK". Version 2.0 provides many nice fixes and added options, such as, options to turn off infinite scrolls, use of player out of turn and reduce Meteor Shower and Starburst range to arrow range (must come into monsters range to use). DataFiles is another feature that allows very easy external modification of txt files contained in icon.lod file of game which can be used to make game harder or easier. I have a NS start file (about 9:20) that has some chests with horseshoes and several interesting dead Goblins.

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