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I think it's how many targets they choose
01/18/2016, 08:18:49

    Macros writes:

    I think the way it works is that enemies either have a preferred target or they choose a certain number of targets when they first encounter the party.

    If there's no value, then they choose 1 target and continue to attack that one. A lot of the time what you'll notice is that even enemies that don't have a preferred target can focus on one party member a lot. This happens when multiple enemies within the same group just happen to choose that as their target when you first encounter (pull/aggro) them.

    If the value is 2, they choose 2 different party members at random when they first encounter you, and then proceed to choose at random or alternate between those two every time they attack (not sure which). If it says 3, they choose between 3 targets. 4, they choose between all 4. So this way, there is some luck involved and damage gets spread out.

    Note that the enemies that choose 2-4 party members are usually stronger enemies or enemies that have nasty conditions they want to spread to as many party members as possible.

    That's how I think it works anyway.

    Also, something I notice in MM8 is that placed monsters in a map can have a different preferred target to what their values would otherwise indicate. I know this because in the naga vault in Might and Magic 8 there is a room with a very deadly area of effect trap. There is no door to that room, and when you walk in the hallway in front of it the enemies inside will notice you.
    Here's where I noticed something strange since I was referencing the monster stats while playing. The nagas in this room focused on my one male party member! Normally, naga's only attack females.
    At first, I was confused thinking it had something to do with me going past a corner when I encountered them and them maybe only seeing him at first.. But that turned out not to be the case after more testing.
    So the only thing that makes sense is that the designers purposely changed their preferred target. But why? Because, if only the female members of your party are damaged, then the trap in the room has no chance of killing the entire party. But if everyone has taken some damage... If you're around the level of those naga's when you do this part, you are now garantueed to die to that trap. Nasty! I wonder if they did this anywhere else.

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