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Monsters don't care about your positioning
01/11/2016, 21:08:00

    Macros writes:

    In MM6-8, I've never come across anything that makes me think monsters care about your character's position. It's not in the monster lists either. It seems this is quite a persistent rumor because positioning did matter in MM1-5. It doesn't in 6-8, so feel free to put your sorcerer in the first slot.

    The way their aggro works is that they have a specific setting for how they choose their target. Most monsters will pick 1-5 targets when they first "see" your party. In general, the weaker monsters only attack one target, while stronger ones pread out their damage and switch between targets when attacking.

    A lot of enemies have preferred targets though. It's less than 50% but it's certainly more than you might expect. These monsters will ALWAYS attack their preferred target if possible.

    Anyway, back to positioning.. I can't say I've run into the bug where the first character misses more than others. But if that's actually a thing, then yes it seems best to put the sorcerer in that slot.

    Aside from that, there's a consideration to be made for your ranged characters. When you shoot arrows or cast a spell, the projectile starts on whatever side of the screen your character is on. As a result, depending on where you put your character can have an effect on how easily you can shoot past corners (ex. if you put your sorcerer on the left, be mindful that his projectile starts from the left when casting fireballs).

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