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It is so much fun
01/11/2016, 08:44:15

    Jack writes:

    and it is coming all back to me!

    I set up this party of 4 x S.

    The first thing I did was to collect all horseshoes (NS crater too) and did the wizard promo and cleric promo (repairing the temple). WIth some reloading I pulled it off at clvl 1 without dying. Harpies were a pain. But flying and a lot of running around did the trick. Then some basic NS quests. And pricefixing and ArchMage Promotion.

    Got Master Water first. Master Id item, Master Merchant, Master Disarm - traps hurt more then in MM7.

    I also did the NWC Dungeon trick and got myself 10,000 gp to start with and 4 x Inferno book!

    Then some other basic low level quest and...Master Air + Meteor Shower and Starburst and at clvl 15 - 18 totally annihilating chaos hydras and Supreme Titans - TBCM works wanders with some good timing getting in it and out of it

    And Master Learning befor it of course!

    Hired Spell Master and Instructor - compromise between Teacher, Instructor and Mystic, Spell Master.

    Then I set about multilooting supreme titans and chaos hydras. The area rolled with many SUpreme titans and chaos hydras which was nice.

    The supreme titans gave me: guinevere, morgan, odin.

    the rest of the monsters produced after about 3 hrs:
    - 2 x item of power (leather, ring)
    - 3 x ring of air
    - 4 items of fire (3 rings, one amulet)
    - 3 items of dark (1 amulet, 2 rings)

    So all my S have each of dark, of fire and of air item plus one also of light from guinevere.

    I completely disregarded earth.

    Now its time to kill some dragons!

    And do some serious gaming!

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