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Diamond gargoyle
12/28/2015, 12:22:35

    Krshna das writes:

    Big problem for my party PPCA
    Archer is poor on mana . The wands like :
    Poison Cloud , Blades , of Swarms don't work .I guess, Charm ,Stun etc also .
    Weapons I use mostly have poison effect and I think they do damage ,but sometimes and little .
    The infestation is very big it is The Chaos Comspiracy mod
    and there are easily 2 dozens diamond gargs+lesser gargoyles near ship .
    There is also pop-up on 2-3 diamond g. in the area near stables
    every time you travel there .Now it is crowded by score something of them .I was running away before but now i need to do something there.
    Advice anyone?

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