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Interesting findings MM6
08/05/2012, 10:00:51

    Eric B writes:

    And another tale would be that flute you find in the Dragoons' Caverns in Ironfist. Though, if you take that back to the guy who sends you to look for the harp, he gives you a condescending talk.

    But LOADS of time has been wasted on trying to find a special goblin, do a specific dance, next to that stone where the sword is imbedded just outside New Sorpigal town, etc. Though I've concluded there's really no use for that flute in MM6.

    Also -- in what's left of the town in Sweet Water, there is a door or two on intact houses. You can't enter (As no one lives there anymore,) but if you cast Telekinesis and click on the door, the spell fires, but nothing else happens!

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