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TCC crash in Orpheus's Gateway???
06/26/2012, 02:01:53

    Ossie writes:

    Hi guys, playing TCC mod in Orpheus's Gateway (the old Snergle's mine map). I get to the Gateway Door (the old door with the trap) and the character carrying the Horn of Vainen clicks on the door.......and the game freezes. You see a slight flash of what is probably the Horn on the mouse pointer just before everything freezes. A popup on the desktop says "Assertion failed at 4794 in D:\MM6Src\code\PARTY.CPP", clicking on OK in this popup closes the game. Has been replicated multiple times. Clicking on the with a character not carrying the Horn gives a message saying only the Horn of Vainen can open this door - but something looks to be going wrong with the code for this bit?????

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