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strategies and tactics for reputation enhancement
04/17/2012, 22:39:25

    sorzagon writes:

    G`day everyone...long time no see!i`ve been looking through some old posts and i noticed it was clear that every time Saintly and Notorious reps were discussed it was always suggested that you get Saintly first,and it is my strongly held conviction that this strategy is fatally flawed.Perhaps you would like to try it this way instead....accummulate enough skillpoints to acquire Dark magic expert,Water magic expert and Air magic expert.This should take your Rep to no better than Honourable.Then its simply a matter of doing the business with Armageddon in Bootleg Bay and then journeying to Paradise Valley...Bingo!Dark Magic Master!Back to New Sorpigal Temple where you donate a few hundred gold to become respectable once more,and you`ve still got heaps of quests available for the Saintly rep.You heard it here first LOL

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