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So I've been working on a MM6 construction set in Unity...
01/12/2012, 22:24:23

    Ray writes:

    and it's coming along well, I've been extracting the resources from the LOD files and creating sprite sheets and all the other in-game objects and all that's left is fine tuning the coding for the mechanics and formulas to better match the original, which is merely time consuming at this point. The goal being to create a game editor with all the prefabs for structures, enemies, items etc etc ready to go requiring simply placement from the user and, depending on how much you delve into Unity's workings, have the tools to rewrite the game in any manner, akin to the Elder Scrolls Construction Set I guess.

    I just thought I'd pop my head up. Also, can anyone point me in any direction regarding the aforementioned formulas? I'd like it to play as close as possible to the original but so far back-tracing the math has been slow work for me.

    This is all fan-made for fans, for fun, for free.

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