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Raisins and almonds.
01/03/2012, 20:02:59

    Peter2 writes:

    We weren't up to preparing waffles or æbleskiver - after doing all the stuff for Christmas, we always do the minimum cooking possible for New Year. Besides, we've never made æbleskiver, and I suspect the waffles you would have with them are not the same as the ones that we are used to. I've never visited any of the Nordic countries so I have no experience of the foods that you would be used to.

    I've visited Germany a number of times, and many years ago, I used to travel fairly regularly to the Netherlands and back. If I had to kill time at an airport, I would rather do it at Schipol than anywhere else. In those days, there was a lovely quiet little bar up at the top of the building, called the Brainbox Bar - I've spent many an hour up there. I remember that KLM always used to provide a small packet of smoked salted almonds with their meals - I've never seen those on sale in the UK. I always liked them as a snack, although they wouldn't go with the glögg. The best meals on that journey, though, were provided not by BA or KLM, but by Aer Lingus. But as I say, this was many years ago, and undoubtedly things have changed since then. I don't even know if Aer Lingus still do that flight.

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