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Devils outpost, dark master, and more questions
10/10/2011, 13:12:27

    Gedas the Evil writes:

    Hello everybody.

    I have played MM6 before but never finished the game. Now I' playing it again after a long time. I remembered this tavern from the time I played MM7. Hope you can help me

    My party of KKCS is doing the council quests now and the hardest one seems to be Given by Sir Osric Temper: destroying the devils outpost. The problem with this is: I didn't pay much attention when he said where it is... Now can't find it... (A bit embarrassing)

    Another thing is Dark Magic. My Wizzard has a reasonably high skill in it (11 IIRC) and an amulet of dark magic (Oh the joy, when we found it in a chest belonging to some bandits!). I have visited the desert inhabited with titans and found where the master resides. However he mentioned something about only teaching those who have a name being pure evil(or something like that). How do I make him tech me?

    And the final question:
    What skills should I develop for my knights? One has Disarm trap master 14, another is a Master merchant 13. The weapon/armor skill descriptions don't sound to to be worth investing the precious skill points (from my uneducated perspective), but please correct me if I*'m wrong

    Awaiting your advice.

    Gedas the Evil

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