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New GrayFace patches available for MM6 thru MM8
07/20/2011, 09:53:44

    DaveO writes:

    Changelog is listed below:

    New in version 1.11:
    [+] Major mouse look update. (see below for details)
    [+] MouseWheelFly option lets you fly up and down by scrolling your wheel.
    [+] Quick load. QuickLoadKey option controls the quick load key.
    [+] AutorunKey (F3 by default) turns on/off autorun, like in MMORPGs.
    [+] When run in 32 bits color mode automatically switches to 16 bits in Windowed mode.
    [+] Now Turn Delta is set to Smooth by default.
    [-] Strafes and walking worked badly on some machines due to rounding issues. Same thing with NPCs walking.
    [-] Autosave was done after the cost of transport is withdrawn.
    [-] Weapon enchants don't ignore resistances anymore.
    [-] Fixed condition removal spells (they worked 3 hours/days per skill point instead of 1, also causing integer overflow on huge skill levels).
    [-] My bug: Quick Save didn't work in Hive after destroying the Reactor.
    [-] Waiting (using Rest dialog) didn't recover characters.
    [-] Key strokes could be ignored if some other programs run at the same time and use the same keyboard access method.
    [-] Map crossing dialog was triggered while flying low, accepting it in that case did nothing.
    [-] A rare case of "negative/0" caused a crash in stats screen.
    [-] Lloyd Beacon used to autosave game after decreasing spell points and adding recovery delay.
    [-] Town Portal used to autosave game after adding recovery delay.
    [-] Town Portal triggered autosave even within when teleporting current location.
    [-] Although Prismatic Light beam bug wan't reported in MM6, the thing that caused it was fixed here too.
    [-] My bug: Starburst and Meteor Shower range limitations weren't accurate.
    [-] My bug: In mouse look mode mouse could leave window when moved fast.

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