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TCC Part 1 Walkthrough released!
05/21/2011, 12:54:35

    BDJ writes:

    "The Chaos Conspiracy Part 1 Walk Through Part 1.pdf" has been completed and uploaded to the BDJ Mediafire site. It contains a complete walk through of all of the main and promotion quests from Game Start to Game End. See direct download link, below.

    This document was painstakingly authored by Jeff (a very talented author and member of the TCC Development Team over at Celestial Heavens)as a 'labor of love' to the MM Community. He has given me the privilege of hosting this fine work on my site.

    The walkthrough is dedicated to the late John Brand.

    The TCC Local Quest Walkthrough is currently a work-in-progress, and should be released soon.


    Big Daddy Jim

    Related link:

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