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Hints for TCC Part 2
05/09/2011, 20:09:27

    BDJ writes:


    Since Part 2 is a game of discovery and exploration, I don't normally give any specific hints for the game. Sorry. But I will try to, in general, answer your questions.

    "Q1.Can you give me a little hint where to look after the rock of translation"

    Teleport around a-bit and see if that helps.

    "Q2. I vitited Wyvern`s nest, those enemies look difficult, some of them has 2500hit points. I have cleared out the land`s gateway now is that the easiest place in the game? What is the most difficult?"

    No, Land's Gateway is not the easiest place in the game. About 3/4 way through Part 2 you will be allowed to enter a land without any enemies at all; a rich, plush garden with flowers, trees and even a 'God' who will be willing to train your party in exchange for gold. Here you can 'level-up' before continuing the game. Oh! It also contains one of the two 'dungeons' in Creations Land. Quite difficult if you ask me.

    The most difficult areas will not be encountered until close to the end of Part 2.

    "Q3. This is interessting, i saw something that i thought i recognized one of the towns i just flew through i saw something from MM7 the first island, is that the case? because it really looked like that place in shape."

    Hmm .... Could be, but I'll never tell.

    Have fun on your journey of discovery and exploration!!!!


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