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Level 0 solo peasant knight game progress
10/07/2004, 10:15:56

    arturchix writes:

    I have done a significant progress in the game:

    [1] Memory crystal quests completed
    [2] Tomb of Varn completed
    [3] Got blaster skill and a blaster
    [4] Got Ritual of the Void from Archibald

    [1] The memory crystal quests were a lot easier than I expected. To my great surprise, I have to admit that the biggest problems I had with Castle Alamos even if I knew the password. The warlocks were very nasty and not to mention that I had forgot where to find that crystal! Finally after some reloads I sneaked past all warlocks and got it. The only trick I used was: to cross a large hall full with monsters, run a few meters, immediately push TBM and save. Reload, run few meters, push TBM, save and reload etcetera. That was the main trick also in Tomb of Varn where around me were standing about 30 Sentinels of Varn (see the screenshot). In Supreme temple of Baa I just run through it, hit the shrines for bonus, and in TBM got past devils guarding the crystal. I also killed Slicker Silvertongue, because there has to be justice after all (plus I didn’t like too much his villain speech in the council). Castle Kriegspire I completed in 10 minutes. I reloaded already a completed game, had a look where to go, where is the button, where to go next and then did it in my current game. One jump scroll to reach the button, jump down and run to the newly opened area, jump through the window to get the crystal and with Gatemaster out. In Castle Darkmoor I used Vilx’s shortcut (thank you very much!) and completed the last part as a yawn. I needed only one jump scroll to be able to complete it.

    [2] Tomb of Varn was very hard but not as frustrating as I expected. As I told before, I divided the quest in 5 parts. Each part – getting one of the codes (in library I took 2 in one visit, of course). I used a LOT Divine Cure potions (in total about 30 or so), the trick with TBM and Gatemaster. Both Gatemaster and Windmaster can be found in Abdul’s resort in Dragonsands so I used them everytime I needed. Hint: there’s a small trick with them: after you dismiss them, they return to their houses AND offer to cast the spell once again! So, after hiring a Windmaster it’s advised to dismiss him immediately, hire again and he will offer one more fly cast for use later. I like that NPC’s in houses are fixed so I noticed where live Gatemasters in almost every town, reducing the time of reloading. Very hard part of this quest was answering the passwords in the pool (not as simple as you think!) because there were already swarms of Varn monsters around so I had to save and reload after every successful step.

    [3] Nothing special, just run in the Control Center to learn the skill and grabbed one blaster from the nearest chest.

    [4] Getting the Ritual of the Void doesn’t include any danger, only knowledge of Third Eye location. Released Archibald and he knocked my reputation to bad. Thanks at least for the scroll.

    So, the last quest…Currently I have no plan how to complete it but probably what I will do:
    . Explore the Hive in one of my completed games to figure the fastest shortcuts and where are all the levers.
    . Will use the well +30 levels temporary
    . Will use the +256 stat booster (my knight should have around 700 HP then).
    . Will have some NPC’s with me (I am considering, which ones)
    . Will have to find at least two Lloids Beacon scrolls to be able to come from New Sorpigal directly to save the +256 boost.

    I will report about it shortly.


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