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Level 0 solo peasant knight game status
10/04/2004, 00:46:23

    arturchix writes:

    I’ve made some progress in the game:

    [1] Mixed black potions to boost stats
    [2] Champion promotion completed
    [3] Completed all 6 council quests
    [4] Learned expert sword and perception (already master bodybuilding)
    [5] Exposed Slicker Silvertongue
    [6] Received memory crystal quests

    [1] Quite simple – in the NWC building I used the unlimited money chest to get 10000 gold, bought potions from the unlimited potions desk, mixed all stat essences and also about 15 divine cure potions (restore 100 HP)

    [2] Champions promotion was quite easy – with NPC Gatemaster to Silver Cove, hired another Gatemsater, with Windmaster to Warlords fortress, killed several thugs inside the dungeon in TBM, run through the dungeon, grabbed the key and the discharge papers. With gatemaster out, that’s it.

    [3] After the end winter and retrieve Kilburn’s shield quests which require only NPC Windmaster, I run through the sewers in Free Haven to capture prince of thieves. Then an easy fix of prices of stables (useful to combine the task with grabbing all the horseshoes). Retrieve demon plans was a little harder since I had to deal with Devil of Baa. I stopped in the lobby, pushed TBM till it was very close. Also in TBM with saves after every successful hit I killed it, grabbed the plans and fast exit. I left the hardest council quest as last one. Before that I had to get the Gharik’s key from the Silverhelm Outpost, of course what I did very fast. Before entering the forge I boosted all stats +256 and got Day of protection from local temple. In Gharik’s forge I had some minor problems with moving the bridges since I didn’t remember the correct combination plus the fire elementals around them were quite nasty. Also crossing the largest hall full with warlocks and fire elementals to reach the final room was quite hard but several divine cure potions solved it. Grabbed the hourglass and with NPC Gatemaster (of course!) out. In total to be able to complete all council quests, I had to kill only two monsters (Devil of Baa and one sorcerer in Gharik’s forge – he was blocking a lift I was planning to use).

    [4] Before doing the traitor quest, I had to boost my perception skill since almost all doors in Superior Temple of Baa require about 15 points of perception which can’t be done only with NPCs Scout and Psychic (11 in total). I had to visit Castle Kriegspire, and sneaking past minos had a result of 7 horseshoes (then Gatemaster to get out) which was enough to improve the perception skill up to 5 expert. Then with Psychic I was able to open all doors in the temple I needed. Expert 4 sword probably was a bad idea – I don’t see where I will get 26 extra skill points. Of course, I could wait for area respawns but that will be the last try if anything else will fail.

    [5] Slicker Silvertongue quest was kinda hard – I hired NPC Windmaster to get safely to the temple and get out (actually the bad part of this plan was that I forgot that Windmaster can cast fly only once per day and when I would exit the temple, the spell duration already would be over). Probably I should have used Gatemaster but then I would have some problems to get in (minos and earth elementals with ranged attack). Anyway, inside the temple I had to find the two Priests of Baa who wear keys of High Cleric and High Sorceror. After quite lot of tries (as you probably have guessed – I had forgot where exactly they are!) I got them. Used some Divine cure potions to heal fully to be able to run past the minos and earth elementals who guard the temple. Successfully.

    [6] So I received the memory crystal quests. I expect to have no serious problems with Castle Alamos and Supreme temple of Baa, Castle Kriegspire may require some luck and monster kills but Castle Darkmoor probably will be very hard. I have heard that there’s a shortcut which could save a lot of time (and nerves!). Anyone knows it?

    After the memory crystal quests will be Tomb of Varn. I expect it to be the hardest and most frustrating quest in the game and probably I will divide it in several parts – getting the codes. In Hive the only problems could be that TP and LB don’t work there and it’s not advised to save before the Demon Queen is killed (queen disappears after reload). Some tricks probably will do the thing.

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